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Our industry is rapidly evolving, and we're focused on transforming the future of healthcare through research, innovation, and compassion. We create comprehensive solutions for people living with chronic kidney disease and related conditions. Together, we’re working to provide superior care that improves the quality of life of every patient, every day.


financial management

15% of our TREATMENTS

are on home dialysis.

financial management

29,221 patients

visited PatientHub, an application that helps patients manage their care and stay connected with their care team.

financial management

1,561 fresenius kidney care centers

achieved the highest rating with  four and five stars in clinical quality as measured by the U.S. government.

Supporting Patients

Supporting Patients remotely during covid-19

record growth in home therapies

The highest levels of care

Educational resources


peritoneal dialysis patient education experience

Our Peritoneal Dialysis (PD) Patient Education Experience includes a comprehensive home therapy training program administered through a mobile app platform. Through this new program, patients receive thorough and consistent training customized to their individual needs, improving their confidence and ability to perform PD at home. Our goal is to have 90% of PD patients using the PD Patient Education Experience by 2025.

Insurance education

We created a full suite of insurance education materials to support people in understanding their options. With Medicare Advantage becoming available to those with end stage renal disease and special enrollment periods, we are providing resources to ensure people find the best insurance options for them.





caring for the whole patient

Fresenius Kidney Care addresses the unique needs of every patient — offering education, nutritional resources, mental health support, financial guidance, and more, as we provide care to those living with kidney disease. We believe emotional well-being is just as important as physical well-being, and we customize care for each patient to help them stay true to their passions and goals and thrive.



treatment options and home dialysis

People exploring their dialysis treatment options should be informed about every treatment option available to them. Many people are excellent candidates for treatments such as peritoneal dialysis (PD) or home hemodialysis (HHD), both of which are administered in the home and offer a range of health and lifestyle benefits. Fresenius Kidney Care offers education, training, programs, and support to help home dialysis patients be successful. Our Patient Consultants (employees) and Patient Advocates (patients and family members) educate and support patients and families throughout their journey. In 2020, Patient Consultants connected with more than 7,000 perspective patients and family members via email and phone (resulting in 558 patients choosing home hemodialysis), while Patient Advocates participated in 1,157 virtual events.


Transitional Care Units

In 2020, Fresenius Kidney Care opened 115 new Transitional Care Units (TCUs), which help people recently diagnosed with end stage kidney disease learn about treatment options (including home dialysis), and become more empowered to manage their own care. TCUs are separate spaces within our dialysis centers that have separate staff dedicated to onboarding patients new to dialysis. This setting provides patients both the education and time to choose the therapy best suited for them.



Recognized Customer Service

In 2020, our Renal Therapies Group customer support team received the distinct honor of being the first in our industry to be named a J.D. Power Certified Customer Service Program. The J.D. Power Certified Customer Service Program recognition is based on successfully completing an evaluation and exceeding a customer satisfaction benchmark through a survey of recent servicing interactions. The Renal Therapies Group Customer Service team assists home patients and dialysis facilities throughout the United States in ordering dialysis supplies. The team focuses on providing an effortless experience for patients and healthcare providers through active listening, positive language, and forward resolution.


listening to patient needs


patient experience team

kidney care community


Improving time on therapy


driving kidney disease research



renal therapies group (RTG)

Our Clinical Research and Medical Affairs team co-authored 28 scientific and medical publications in support of our products.


frenova renal research

In the world of kidney disease and related disorders, Frenova Renal Research is a site management organization and the largest provider of investigators, chronic kidney disease (CKD) patients, end stage renal disease (ESRD) patients, and data assets for clinical trials. In 2020, Frenova enrolled 786 patients across 44 studies, a 21% increase in patients from 2019. 


renal research institute

Our Renal Research Institute (RRI) is committed to helping people with CKD and ESRD lead fuller, more active, and vibrant lives. We strive to achieve this goal by not only offering the best care possible, but also in giving our patients an option to enroll in research studies, which RRI initiates or opts to participate in. After shifting focus toward the pandemic in 2020, RRI had its research published in six peer-review publications and helped advance novel SARS-CoV-2 pool testing strategies.

Contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

All corporate responsibility data is from 2020 unless otherwise noted.


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