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Corporate responsibility is how we demonstrate accountability and invest in the long term viability of our business. It’s all the ways we show our people, patients, and partners that we strive to make a positive impact on society and the environment. It’s delivering value in a way that supports a healthy society while addressing its needs and challenges. It’s ensuring patients receive the very best care, advancing sustainability efforts, and underpinned by responsible business management. 

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financial management


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Our corporate responsibility strategy focuses on the opportunity to deliver both social and economic value in a way that also supports a healthy society by addressing its needs and challenges. We do this by investing in our people, caring for patients, reducing our environmental impact, serving our communities, and managing our business responsibly. These focus areas directly support our global sustainability pillars and demonstrate what’s most material to our business. We are proud to have worked together as one team to make significant progress in 2020 toward these goals.

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