FMCNA Family Project


The care we provide to our patients is a responsibility of the highest order. In challenging and uncertain times, we know we can always count on our Fresenius Medical Care North America Family. The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has impacted our employees, physicians, patients, partners … and their families. This page is full of artwork and letters designed to show our appreciation for the tireless work our caregivers perform to ensure our patients receive the life-sustaining care they need. It’s also designed to say thank you to our patients for entrusting us with their care.

From all of us to all of you, please know that we are so very thankful for all you do.

To submit your family's artwork or letter of appreciation, we ask that the parent or guardian please email with the subject line “FMCNA Family Project.”

Ari working on her letter to the Fresenius Medical Care team.

Ari D. 

Sample image

Lucy W.

Keira coloring her letter to the nurses of the Fresenius Medical Care team.

Keira D.

Kelly painting a heart eyes emoji.

Kelly R.

Sample image

Liam E.

Sample image

Hailey B.

Sample image

Ryan P.

Sample image

Lauren R. 

Sample image

Evan M.

Sample image

David A.

Sample image

Bevyn Rose S.

Sample image

Joey U.

Sample image

Kylie W.

Addison coloring her letter with a pink crayon.

Addison V.

Ava and Kennedy proudly displaying their letters.

Ava & Kennedy S.

Sample image

Avery S.

Sample image

Daegan M.

Sample image

Harley & Winnie H.

Sample image

J.T. & Grace B.

Sample image

Jolee M.

Sample image

Lo'ani & C.J. T.

Sample image

M & M

Sample image

Sanaa, Ihsan & Farah G.

Sara's drawing featuring herself as a patient and a nurse.

Sara M.

Educational COVID-19 presentation by the West Sahara Clinic.

West Sahara Clinic

Zachary drawing on a letter for the Fresenius Medical Care Team.

Zachary C.

Sample image

Emalee G.

Isabel proudly displaying her card featuring two friends.

Isabel A.

Max and Nina's letters read "Your work matters everyday," and "You are a world changer."

Max & Nina U.

Jay proudly displays his card thanking his mom and thte Fresenius nurses.

Jay O.

Jaycie and her colored card to the Fresenius Medical Care team

Jaycie L.

Luca's thank you card featuring a cross and flowers.

Luca E.

Girl displaying window art that reads, "We are all in this together."

Daughter of PCT.

Adelyn and Malia's sidewalk chalk art reads "Heroes work here."

Adelyn & Malia C.

Ada proudly displays a painted jungle scene.

Ada F.

Elena's card thanks the nurses, PCTs, technical, social workers, dietitians, and secretaries.

Elena K.


Card thanking the Fresenius Medical Team, featuring bunnies, eggs, and rainbows.

Home Away From Home Daycare.

Sam and Coco are thankful for the heroes at Fresenius Medical Care.

Sam and Coco H.

Various cards ready to be sent to the Fresenius Medical Care team.

Madi R.

Carla proudly displaying her card.

Clara L.

Cecelia and Aridalay proudly display their thank you card.

Cecelia M. & Aridalay G.

Princeton proudly displaying his card.

Princeton F.

Amelia proudly displaying her card.

Amelia E.

Kylie's wall art reads "Thank you mom, we love you."

Kylie W.

Tessa's card feeatures a doctor who keeps her mom safe.

Tessa H.

Remington holds up a card thanking the heroes at Fresenius Medical Care.

Remington B.

Justin and his family holds up a poster that reads "Every day may not be good, but there's good in every day."

Justin Z. & Family

Brianna, Danielle, and Matthew hold up their thank you art.

Brianna, Danielle & Matthew K.


Rory and Tessa's card thanks healthcare workers.

Rory & Tessa D.