Sara M.

Clinical Manager

Fresenius Kidney Care

Our patients need to feel heard. One of the most meaningful things we do is to acknowledge their concerns.

The clinic environment is unique because we see most of our patients three times a week. We not only provide dialysis treatments, we hear their stories. We know if they had a wedding over the weekend or if they are going through a tough time.

One of our most important jobs is to listen to patients and their families. That may mean alleviating the fears of someone just starting treatment or having a difficult conversation with the spouse of a patient whose quality of life is declining. No matter what the issue or discussion, I’m proud that our clinic team responds with honesty, empathy and practical solutions, too.

Sometimes even a small solution can make a big difference. Recently, we had a patient who got very itchy during treatment, and he would use that as a reason to sign out early against medical advice, so much so that he was under-dialyzed based on his labs and fluid status. So somebody on the team not only took the time to hear his complaint, but created a back scratcher out of material that we had in the clinic. Now the patient keeps his back scratcher at the ready and is completing his treatments successfully.

Everybody’s needs are different, but for me what’s most important is to be part of a company that has a real culture of listening. At Fresenius Medical Care, we’re here for our patients, whatever tomorrow brings.


I’m proud that our clinic team responds with honesty, empathy and practical solutions.

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