Tammy B.

Home Therapies Program Manager

Fresenius Kidney Care

Helping patients succeed on home dialysis is my passion.

As a home therapies program manager, I love helping my patients realize they can still live a fulfilling life on dialysis. Home therapy works well for so many of our patients because it provides independence and flexibility.

One of my home patients is a schoolteacher, another is a man who travels often for business. With home therapy, they can pursue the same goals they had before diagnosis and retain the same lifestyle.

My team guides and supports patients as they begin home dialysis, showing them how the treatment is done the first time, then walking them through the process for several weeks or months. We are here to help for as long as it takes until they feel confident.

We are always available to answer questions and visit when people need help or support. Our goal is to help people feel comfortable with dialyzing at home, or even while traveling.

I’m honored to help my patients live beyond their expectations with home dialysis.


Home therapy helps patients take ownership of their care and of their future.

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