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For over 30 years, the Fresenius Renal Technologies team have partnered with our customers to deliver the highest quality product support documentation.

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Our Technical Support Department consists of a team of highly trained and dedicated professionals who offer telephone assistance and equipment based support services on all models of our dialysis equipment. Department specialists are also available to provide help ranging from assistance with machine operation, maintenance and repair; to PD software support. Multiple language support is available.

Our staff is available to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by calling toll free at 800-227-2572 for technical support with the following Fresenius Medical Care manufactured / distributed products:

  • 2008® Series Hemodialysis Systems
  • Peritoneal Dialysis Cyclers
  • Dry Acid Dissolution Systems

Our Field Services support team focuses on helping our customers and patients achieve maximum performance and reliability from their Fresenius Renal Technologies dialysis systems. Field services provides on-site support, both during and after the warranty period. Factory trained representatives are located in major metropolitan areas throughout the United States.

On-site support is available Monday through Friday during normal business hours. On-call personnel are available after hours and on holidays.

Call toll free 800-227-2572 and speak with one of our representatives about:

  • Equipment Installation
  • On-Site Support
    • Standard on-site service hours are Monday through Friday, 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM.
    • After hours service is available at an additional charge.
    • On-site response provided within two business days
  • Service Agreements
    • 2008® Series Full Service Agreement
    • 2008® Series Home Patient Service Agreement
    • R.O. Water Service Agreement
      • Mar Cor® Millennium, Mar Cor® Millennium HX®, Mar Cor® WRO 300 and Mar Cor® WRO 300 H
2008K@home™ training session
Formal classroom training available

The Technical Training team Fresenius Renal Technologies, a division of Fresenius Medical Care, offers a variety of detailed technical training courses for biomedical technicians who are responsible for servicing Fresenius Renal Technologies manufactured and distributed equipment. These courses combine the latest in adult learning principles by providing multimedia presentations, lectures and interactive discussions in a closed room environment, as well as hands-on instruction using current machines.

In addition to the formal classroom training, we also offer regional training, where certified trainers conduct training at the customer facility. This helps reduce travel costs when multiple trainees are required.

For training booked at our Dallas Training Center, we offer the following:

  • Travel coordinator to support air/hotel accommodations
  • Hotel
    • Free shuttle to/from airport & classroom
    • One student per room
    • Breakfast included

Other benefits we offer with our different training classes include:

  • NANT members can earn CEUs for attending selected courses
  • A variety of entry level and advanced courses to choose from

For information regarding training or to request a training class, please call 800-227-2572 or send an email to

New Training Class Available January 2018

Starting January 2018, the Fresenius Medical Care Technical Training department will combine the Level I technical training classes into a single 2008 Series class. This course provides an improved value as it covers all four machine types: 2008K, 2008K2, 2008T and 2008K@home hemodialysis machines.

Training courses

Training Course Agenda CEUs Prerequisites
2008® Series* – Level I Level I 2.4 N/A
2008® Series* – Level II Level II 2.4 Must have successfully passed a 2008K/K2, 2008T or 2008 Series Level I Technical Training Course
2008K to 2008T Level I N/A Must have successfully passed a 2008 K/K2 Technical Training Course
2008K@home Machine and Reverse Osmosis (RO) Level II N/A Must have successfully passed a 2008K/K2, 2008T or 2008 Series Level I Technical Training Course
2008® Series* Troubleshooting Hemodialysis Systems – Workshop Level II 2.4 Must have successfully passed a 2008K/K2, 2008T or 2008 Series Level I Technical Training Course
Dry Acid Dissolution Units (DADU) Level I N/A N/A

* 2008 Series includes 2008K, 2008K2, 2008K@Home & 2008T Hemodialysis Machines

Training manual

2008K Level I Training Manual, 490114 Revision E – January 17, 2015

Training center

Training center is minutes from DFW airport gates.

Easy access to and from DFW airport.

Small classrooms with hands-on training

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