Embracing the Complexity of Global Healthcare

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2021 Global Annual Medical Report

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The healthcare industry is rapidly evolving thanks to expanding innovations, scientific breakthroughs, and new technologies. Keeping up to date on the latest data and research can be challenging for any healthcare professional. We’ve collected the latest insights and information from experts to create the 2021 Global Annual Medical Report (AMR).

This year’s AMR showcases our forward-looking, global strategy, and how we are breaking down barriers for our vulnerable patient population through innovation, data-driven healthcare, expanded research, and more.

Download the 25-chapter report where you’ll gain insights into key areas of healthcare innovation. A sampling of chapters includes:

  • Critical Care at Fresenius Medical Care
  • Patient-Centered Care: Creating a Framework for Global Quality Measurement
  • Improving Access to Kidney Transplantation: A Global Perspective
  • Improving Care with Real-World Evidence
  • Globalizing Medical Information and Education
  • Protecting Kidney Patients’ Hearts: Has the Time Come to Rethink Dialysis Treatment Cadence?
  • COVID-19 Associated Acute Kidney Injury: Managing Pandemic Demand Surge for Kidney Replacement Therapy in the United States
  • Advancing Kidney Disease Care Through Scope, Scale, and Equity


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