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Veteran Employee Uses Military Experience in Unexpected Ways

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Rawcliffe was also stationed for a year in South Korea and later was a flight instructor. After transitioning out of the military he worked for several companies, but said he kept looking for the right fit – and he found that fit at Fresenius Medical Care.

As a Senior Financial/Business Analyst in our Strategic Analytics Group in Atlanta, Rawcliffe is responsible for evaluating and analyzing all Value Based Services departments’ performance, goal achievement and trend analysis metrics.

“Fresenius Medical Care is top notch,” he said. “It’s one of a very few large corporations I know of that really respects and values a veteran’s experience. The leadership I’ve seen here is the kind I’d been looking for.”

As a veteran, Rawcliffe “highly recommends” the company to other veterans and National Guard men and women.

“It’s clear to see that Fresenius Medical Care cares for its patients and people like they’re family,” Rawcliffe said.

When Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico, and our Disaster Response Team grappled with the complicated logistics of our recovery efforts, Russell’s past and his present came together in a way he couldn’t have anticipated when he started a career in the corporate world. Russell is a current member of the Georgia Army National Guard, as well as a pilot with experience conducting air cargo missions. He’s also fluent in Spanish and holds master’s degrees in management and accounting, along with some “uniquely specialized skills.”

“I have aviation and logistical experience and this recovery effort in Puerto Rico is being accomplished by flying supplies to the island because boats take too long,” Rawcliffe said.

Rawcliffe served in the initial wave of strategic support, first at the staging area at Miami International Airport and then as an Incident Commander assisting Luis Emanuelli, Regional Vice President for Puerto Rico.

“Russell was very instrumental, using his military background, in helping our relief teams navigate through the many obstacles that existed on the island,” Emanuelli said. “He knew how to get around and which doors to knock on to get the support we needed through that first week after the hurricane hit. His efforts served as the model to follow for subsequent Incident Commanders that visited us.”


Rawcliffe said he is just one of many colleagues who volunteered to help in Puerto Rico.
“I’m just a very small part of this relief effort,” he said. “It’s humbling to be part of an organization like this.”

A husband and father of four boys under 11, Rawcliffe volunteered to return to Puerto Rico this month. That trip may now be delayed as the Georgia Army National Guard recently placed him on alert for duty, seeking to leverage Rawcliffe’s unique skills for their own relief efforts on the island.

If, like Russell Rawcliffe, you are a talented professional and veteran, visit our Fresenius Medical Care military jobs page to learn more about the career opportunities in your area.