Frequently Asked Questions

As procedures migrate from a hospital to outpatient setting, ASCs and Cath Labs provides an opportunity for physicians to care for patients as an extension of your physician practice rather than within the constraints of a hospital-based environment.

Outpatient facilities can be a more convenient, safer, and lower cost option for your patients.

NCP specializes in opening hybrid model centers which allow a broad range of cardiovascular procedures, device placements, and Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) procedures in an outpatient setting. We have a vast knowledge in the creation and operations of such centers and labs which allows us to provide a better experience than a Hospital Outpatient Department.


NCP will assist with:

  • Center Development
  • Regulatory and Licensing requirements
  • Physician recruitment and growth
  • Operations – including, but not limited to, day to day facility management, human resources & staffing, billing, commercial insurance contracting, strategic sourcing, and accounting.

NCP holds itself to a high standard in respect to safety and quality.  Our highly trained staff use modern equipment and always put our patient’s safety first.

All NCP centers and labs are Joint Commission accredited.

All NCP ASC’s are Medicare certified.