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National Cardiovascular Partners (NCP) is the pioneer of the Hybrid Cardiovascular Center model (ASC & Catheterization Lab). Learn how they have successfully partnered with top physicians who are interested in having more professional control and the freedom to provide high-quality patient care.

It’s not hyperbole to say that in the past few years, the healthcare industry has undergone seismic shifts. As the population ages and Americans continue to live longer, the strains on the current system are likely to increase significantly. The urgency of reforming healthcare has become a political hot button as members of Congress debate on how to rein in the costs of what has become the most expensive healthcare system in the world.

Nowhere is this more evident than in the surgical outpatient arena. Advances in technology and more sophisticated surgical procedures have emboldened patients to demand more convenient and cost-effective care. As a result, hospital admissions have steadily declined, and ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) are popping up everywhere.

National Cardiovascular Partners has been at the forefront of the movement toward safe and effective outpatient care for nearly a decade. Our skilled partner physicians and their dedicated staffs have performed well over 100,000 minimally invasive cardiovascular and endovascular procedures, including heart catheterizations, stent placements, and pacemaker insertions. In the hands of our experts, our patients enjoy extremely low complication and infection rates, and report extremely high overall satisfaction rates. How do we know? We meticulously track each and every procedural outcome, enabling us to share best practices throughout our organization and set the highest standards for the industry.

And in many ways, we are just getting started.

Earlier this year, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Studies (CMS) took an important step in updating the rules governing allowable payments in an outpatient setting by proposing a revision to their definition of “surgery” to include more codes outside the Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) surgical range. In addition, they also strongly signaled a willingness to include, in a future rulemaking, a number of the percutaneous coronary intervention procedures by specifically requesting feedback on these procedure codes. These procedures are currently only permissible in a hospital setting.

What does this mean? If approved, patients will no longer have to navigate a complicated and antiquated system and endure multiple procedures in multiple locations for safe and effective cardiovascular care. In other words, even more patients will be able to choose when, where, and how their procedures can be performed!

As both the national medical director for NCP and a practicing cardiologist for 20 years, I have seen firsthand how this outpatient movement has benefited and will continue to benefit our patients, from reduced costs to greater convenience and most importantly, better clinical results.

From a business perspective, the NCP model not only enables me to provide the highest quality of care to my patients without the administrative headaches that accompany a thriving practice, but also affords me greater flexibility with my schedule and a greater earning potential.

As technology continues to evolve and patients demand more say in their care, the outpatient trend is certain to continue. If you are interested in learning more about creating and growing your own hybrid ASC-Cath lab, with full clinical control and no administrative headaches, stop by our booth (#40G) at the upcoming Becker’s ASC Annual Meeting in Chicago on October 18–20, visit the NCP website, or give us a call (651) 846-8792 — we’d love to chat.

Pioneer of the Hybrid Cardiovascular Center Model Offers Physicians More Flexible Schedule and Joint Venture Opportunities

Neptune Beach, FL — MedAxiom, the nation’s leading cardiovascular healthcare membership organization and performance community, is excited to announce its corporate partnership with National Cardiovascular Partners (NCP), an organization working with physicians who want more professional control and freedom to provide high quality patient care through the hybrid cardiovascular center model.

“NCP is a national leader in ambulatory surgery center (ASC) and office based lab (OBL) design, development, and management,” said Joseph Sasson, Executive Vice President, MedAxiom Ventures. “As the outpatient strategy for cardiology will certainly see more of a shift to ASCs and OBLs in the coming years, we want to make sure that MedAxiom members are aware of the possibilities these locations of service offer and keep them up to date on the relevant regulations and coding changes in these settings. We are confident that MedAxiom’s partnership with NCP will help us to better meet the needs of our constituents in these areas.”

Since 2006, National Cardiovascular Partners has partnered with over 300 physicians and together they operate 23 outpatient Cardiovascular Centers in Texas, Arizona, Louisiana, Kansas, Florida and California, with a procedural mix that includes diagnostic catheterizations, peripheral interventions, vascular access procedures, PCI and AICD/pacemaker implantation. In 2014, NCP officially became part of Fresenius Medical Care North America, a multinational healthcare organization with a network of more than 2,400 dialysis facilities, vascular access centers and labs throughout the United States, Mexico and Canada.

“NCP is excited to enter into a corporate partnership with MedAxiom and share our outpatient success strategies with the cardiovascular community,” said Chad Ronis, Marketing and Communications Manager, NCP. “We are committed to the physicians’ priorities of outstanding clinical outcomes, efficient care and the growth of a business in an environment of collaboration.”

NCP’s physician partners performed over 17,000 procedures in our Cardiovascular Centers in 2017, with a patient satisfaction rate of 98.5%. These procedures included more than 3200+ pacemaker and defibrillator implants/ generator changes, nearly 7,000 cardiac catheterizations, 3,600+ peripheral interventions, and 7,500+ interventional cardiology cases. Labs are equipped with fixed Angio Suite C-arm equipment allowing providers to safely perform many of the same procedures completed in a hospital-based catheterization lab.

“I have had the opportunity to work with the National Cardiovascular Partners team since 2012,” said Denzil G. D’Souza, MD, FACC, FSCAI, Interventional & General Cardiology, Director, Heart & Vascular Center of Fort Worth, President & CEO, Fort Worth Heart, P.A. “They have been instrumental in planning, developing and managing the outpatient cardiovascular procedural center of which I am the director. I have found the NCP Team to be highly professional, effective and a pleasure to work with. They fully understand that the highest quality of care is the number one priority for physicians and support every measure to deliver the same to our patients. NCP’s understanding of the contractual and business aspects of outpatient cardiovascular procedural management is excellent and has been a real asset. Furthermore, NCP also provides a conduit and logistical support to interact with and be impactful on healthcare policy.”


MedAxiom members will have an opportunity to learn more about NCP at the CV Transforum Fall’18 conference, October 11-13, in Austin, TX, where they will be exhibiting.

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About NCP

National Cardiovascular Partners is part of Fresenius Medical Care North America, and partners with physicians to create, sustain and grow their independent ambulatory surgery center and catheterization lab. Their focus is hybrid surgery center and outpatient cardiac catheterization lab services in partnership with physician entrepreneurs. They created the hybrid ASC-Cath Lab model in 2006 and since then have built, acquired, grown, and optimized 23 outpatient surgery centers to operate at the highest and most efficient level.

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