Take Control of Patient Care

Within the complex challenges of healthcare reform, we empower cardiologists and vascular specialists to take control of their patient care, their clinical environment, their financial future and especially their time.

NCP was founded on the belief that physicians and patients benefit from care provided by the physician in an environment designed with patient care as its foremost priority. We facilitate and manage the development of outpatient cardiac cath labs and hospital-based cardiovascular programs through physician partnerships. This business model makes the dream of complete professional control readily accessible to groups of cardiologists and vascular specialists.

To meet the increased demand created by a maturing baby-boom population, a new business model has necessarily emerged. Its objective is to continue providing the most efficient, highest quality care in a cardiovascular disease patient-focused environment through a better ownership and management approach.

In touch with the times and highly oriented toward both our physician partners and the end-consumer, we are committed to patient-centered care rather than expecting the patient to adapt to our facilities and staff. As a result, we design, equip, staff and operate our facilities specifically to deliver coordinated, patient-focused care.

Putting the future in your hands now, a key element of patient-focused care is our investment in technology, which delivers added value to the entire cath lab scenario. By equipping our centers with state-of-the-art technology, we better serve the patient and physician alike.