NCP is dedicated to making world-class facilities and services a seamless reality for our partners. The satisfaction of our physician partners attests to the success of our business model

Dr. Jeff Carr, Cardiovascular Associates of East Texas

“I recently performed five interventions and two diagnostic cases in our lab and was finished at 2 p.m. It was amazing. All the patients were home before 5 p.m. I even had a brief lunch meeting. I give credit to our great staff and my awesome nurse who did an amazing job of giving great care to our patients, keeping our throughput on schedule, eliminating interruptions and leveraging my time. I can’t tell you how incredible this was. I have never experienced this level of efficiency in a hospital setting.”

Dr. Randy Lombardo, Advanced Cardiovascular Specialists

“We owned our own cath lab for 10 years in our practice. NCP approached us about buying a minority ownership interest in our partnership several years ago. It was a very scary decision to think about selling a piece of our lab to a corporate partner. NCP has exceeded our expectations as a management company, as an equity partner and helped us grow our business beyond our wildest expectations. Since joint venturing with NCP we have never had a day of regret for selling a piece of our lab.

The whole concept of being able to provide my patients the same level of personalized care I am able to in my office and at the center is just incredible. My patients feel they are getting a full service option from initial consultation/office visit to completion of their diagnostic/therapeutic procedures. The individualized care delivered by our staff is second to none, and often mentioned to me by patients. Patients feel they are getting the very deserved pampering and safe care they have come to believe is a thing of the past in hospitals.

The staff is incredibly well trained and handpicked, which makes my work as a clinician so much easier. Just as patients deserve respect for their time, the center and its’ staff give me the ability to do procedures in a very timely and efficient manner; this then allows me to maintain a predictable office and hospital schedule as well.”

Dr. Anil Odhav, Memorial City Cardiology Associates

“My experience with NCP has been nothing short of outstanding! To have a corporate partner who is aligned with the physicians’ priorities of outstanding clinical outcomes, efficient care and growth of the business in an environment of collaboration has been invaluable to me and my practice. The depth of clinical expertise, business acumen, and broad range of experience create a sense of security, knowing that we have a partner that is looking after our best interests. They create opportunity for us and for that we are grateful.”

Dr. Tony Das


“My stress level reduces dramatically just walking in the doors of our NCP cardiac and vascular lab. The environment of a physician partnered lab with NCP fosters collaboration of all the stakeholders for excellence in patient care. Everyone can focus on their own expertise. Doctors can focus on the patient and NCP can focus on everything else. It’s partnership in the truest sense of the word. From the first moment a patient arrives to the time of discharge, the attention to care, the team approach and the desire for the highest quality outcome is what everyone expects and achieves. It’s truly a place where excellence is not just a word, it’s a way of life, and it works!”


Dr. Randy Lombardo