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Fresenius Health Partners (FHP) is a leader in the field of renal care, providing the right support to help people with chronic kidney disease (CKD) and end stage renal disease (ESRD) live their lives to the fullest. Our extensive experience and expertise managing the complexities of the ESRD patient population has made us the preferred partner for government payors, private health plans, and other full-risk healthcare provider organizations across the country.

With more than a decade of success under our belts, FHP is the recognized leader in ESRD care management, with almost fifty thousand ESRD patients enrolled in our value based care programs. Since our inception, we have led the transition to value based care for chronically ill patients and are in a unique position to successfully drive improvements in health outcomes. 



Paving the Way to Better Health Outcomes Through Value Based Care

As a long-time leader in the development and successful application of value based models of care for chronic needs populations, Fresenius Health Partners focuses on quality to help drive improved health outcomes while reducing the total cost of care.

We place patients at the center of an integrated care team. As part of one of the nation's largest providers of dialysis services, we are uniquely positioned to leverage our advanced analytics—using both clinical data and in-person interactions—to identify health risks and create informed individualized care plans.


Expert Knowledge and Demonstrated Success

Our strategy is centered around assuming responsibility for the cost, quality, and outcomes for our patients' care. FHP brings together three components critical to the success of a value based payment model:

financial management


Financial Management
Incentives and funding to drive advanced care coordination

medical management


Medical Management
A 360-degree view of individual patient and population data to inform care

care navigation


Care Navigation
24/7 support teams to anticipate issues and safely coordinate care at the lowest level of intensity 

Combining an evidenced-based approach with an in-depth knowledge of the patient helps to create personalized treatment plans that effectively achieve our program goals. Our expertise in improving health outcomes is key to reducing the financial challenges of chronic diseases such as ESRD for both patients and payors throughout the United States .