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who we are

FreseniusRx pharmacy services

FreseniusRx’s specialty pharmacy makes it easier for patients to get the specialty medications they need to manage their kidney disease. As part of our coordinated care approach, our pharmacy works directly with your patient’s care team, which may improve health outcomes through medication adherence.

By blending clinical, lab and pharmacy data, FreseniusRx is working to transform renal care, providing valuable analytics that help physicians counsel patients, drive medication adherence, reduce hospitalization and provide a better quality of life for patients.

  • Teamwork: We coordinate medication and dosage changes with physicians and dialysis clinic staff.
  • Adherence: We monitor for when your patients are past due for refills or appear to have trouble adhering to their medication. Our pharmacists reach out directly to them and to their clinic team to determine how we can help improve the patient’s outcomes.
  • Experience: We are partnering with the National Kidney Foundation and the Albany College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences to develop an ESRD certification program.
  • Convenience: We ship medications directly to your patients’ dialysis clinics, when permissible under state laws or regulations, or homes, saving them time and making sure patients receive their medication when it is needed. Our pharmacists are available to answer questions 24 hours a day. We also offer a full range of educational and information on financial support programs for patients.
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