Our Common Purpose

NCP strives to be the highest-quality and largest outpatient cardiology and vascular services provider in the US.


Superior Services

To ensure the highest quality of patient care, NCP centers are designed from the ground up by physicians who understand what patients need most. Without the traditional volume constraints associated with hospitals, patients enjoy enhanced continuity of care, better communication and education, shorter wait times, easy parking, and more personalized service. The admission process is efficient, and patients typically can move from the window to the table in less than twenty minutes. In addition, because the centers are not inside hospitals, patients are not unnecessarily exposed to triage and emergency care cases.

NCP offers a sustainable model that gives physicians the ability to supplement their income by investing in a broader range of services beyond their typical cases. With NCP's proven model of success, coupled with individual physicians' input into their own centers, the long-term viability and profitability are increased over traditional hospital options. Additionally, the centers are set up to be scalable, allowing for future growth based on market needs.

Creating a technologically advanced, patient-friendly hybrid center with NCP gives physicians the very real opportunity to invest in their field—and in their future. With a direct impact on the quality of service and overall patient experience, this is one investment that gives physicians more control over traditional investment opportunities. As majority owners, the physician partners maintain complete clinical and administrative control, allowing them to benefit for years to come.

NCP holds itself to a high standard in respect to safety and quality. Our highly trained staff uses modern equipment and always puts our patients' safety first. All NCP centers and labs are Joint Commission-accredited, and all NCP ASCs are Medicare-certified.


Our Leadership Team


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