Treatment Schedules

Your life. Your treatment.

Only you, together with your doctor, can decide if home hemodialysis and the 2008K@home machine is right for you.  On the 2008K@home machine, you, the patient, have the flexibility, based on your physician’s prescriptions, to perform a variety of therapy options.

Flexible schedules for your life

Treatment Schedules

Dialyzing to Live Does Not Mean Living to Dialyze. 

The engineers, scientists and physicians at Fresenius Renal Technologies have dedicated their careers to improving the treatment for patients who require dialysis to live.

They have created the 2008K@home hemodialysis system, so you have the flexibility (based on your physician’s prescription) to perform a variety of therapy options, including daily treatments, every other day, or conventional three times a week. Any of these treatments can be long or short in duration.

Daily and Extended treatments — Daily treatments are done at home for two to three hours, about five or six times per week.  Extended treatments are done at home for six to eight hours, five or six times per week.

Daily and Extended Treatments

Every Other Day — which is every other day home hemodialysis, is in between conventional and daily treatments. These treatments also last for about four hours and you dialyze every other day.

Every Other Day Treatments

Conventional home hemodialysis — is similar to the in-center treatment routine. Treatments are done at home, last about four hours, and are performed three days per week.

Conventional Home Hemodialysis Schedule

No other home hemodialysis system is able to offer so many options. If you have any questions about which treatment is best for you, speak with your physician.

It’s All About Time. 

For acute and chronic patients, living with kidney disease can bring about many changes in your life and the way you live. When it comes to choosing a treatment option, the ultimate goal is to select one that best suits your individual lifestyle and prescription needs.

When selecting a treatment that is best for you, it is important to consider the time commitment for you and your family. Whether you choose in-center HD or an HHD option, you should consider the amount of time it will take. Keep in mind, you may still be required to visit your clinic periodically to meet with your care team.

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