Product Specifications

The 2008K@home machine is powerful enough for in-center treatment but simplified for use in a patient’s home.

2008K@home machine

Product Specifications

What Is the 2008K@home Machine?

The 2008K@home machine is a powerful dialysis machine that has been created specifically for use in the home. The device, simplified for caregivers and patients, delivers hemodialysis treatments to the patient on a flexible schedule that comfortably fits into their lives.

How Does the Machine Work?

The 2008K@home machine performs hemodialysis treatment by pumping the patient’s blood from their access through bloodlines and a dialyzer membrane. The dialyzer membrane comprises many fibers and surrounded by a solution called dialysate. When used in combination with the 2008K@home machine, the system can remove excess fluid and waste products from the patient’s blood which would normally be done by healthy kidneys. Additionally, there is a separate device used together with the 2008K@home machine that purifies the water used for treatment called the Reverse Osmosis (RO) system.

Why the 2008K@home Machine?

With the 2008K@home machine, you gain flexibility in treatment schedule and have more available prescription options. What can you expect from the 2008K@home machine:

    • Experience up to 78 fewer treatment days a year*
    • Provides similar in-center hemodialysis treatments from the comfort of home
    • Custom treatment options for a wide range of clinical and lifestyle needs
    • Simple, easy-to-use on-screen instructions
    • Optional WetAlert wireless venous needle dislodgement detection
    • Hygienic, bicarbonate delivery featuring bibag® online bicarbonate
    • Dedicated customer service support, 24/7/365

*Based on an average 2008K@home patient’s 3 1/2 day/week treatment plan (versus competitor’s average 5 day/week plan). Number of treatment days may vary according to your physician’s prescription.

How Does the Treatment Process Work?

By choosing the 2008K@home machine for dialysis, patients, caregivers and healthcare providers alike partner with a trusted and reliable resource in Fresenius Medical Care. When deciding to start HHD, a training nurse at the clinic will train the patient and their care partner on all steps required to perform dialysis at home. The process continues until they are comfortable and confident with their HHD treatment plan.

Tour of 2008K@home Machine

Features of the 2008k@home hemodialysis machine

Optiflux single use dialyzers

Optiflux Single-Use Dialyzers

The Optiflux® single-use dialyzers with advanced Fresenius Polysulfone® represents the next generation of high-performance biocompatible dialyzers from Fresenius Renal Technologies. Optiflux dialyzer technology revolutionized fiber design with the introduction of the elevated ƒ/a ratio.* The distinctive micro-undulated fiber helps to maximize the effective surface area of the dialyzer and increase solute clearance values over those achieved with a more linear fiber design. As a result, these dialyzers deliver the high urea clearances that physicians and patients have relied on in millions of treatments.

*ƒ/a ratio is the frequency of sine wave, per unit length (cm) over amplitude

Bibag Online bicarbonate concentrates

bibag On-line
Bicarbonate Delivery

A disposable for bicarbonate dialysis that offers a hygienic delivery of bicarbonate automatically mixes with water from the 2008K@home machine, creating the bicarbonate concentrate. Key features of bibag online bicarbonate include:

  • Hygienic delivery of bicarbonate
  • Convenient handling with lightweight packaging
  • Easy top connectology
  • Less storage and preparation space
  • Two flexible bag sizes
  • Environmentally friendly with less waste


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