Healthcare Professionals

The Liberty® Select cycler offers more individualized treatment options than ever before to improve the patient experience.



The Liberty Select PD Cycler is trusted by healthcare professionals.

Healthcare Professionals

You Asked. We Answered.

In a recent market survey, we asked dialysis nurses and patients what they wanted most in a home dialysis system. Participants said they wanted a system that was easy to use, technologically advanced, and came with simple patient training resources and ongoing support.

Our answer? The Liberty Select cycler. Created with your feedback in mind, our latest generation peritoneal dialysis (PD) cycler combines the simplicity of its predecessor, the Liberty cycler, with new features designed to offer a better dialysis experience.

As its name implies, the Liberty Select cycler offers more “selections” than our previous cycler, including additional options for a better drain experience.

New drain options include:

  • A STAT drain at the end of treatment—Allows patient to perform an unplanned drain at the end of treatment, while still connected to the cycler
  • Additional drain exit criteria:
    • 70% drain exit setting, to help reduce alarms
    • 85% drain exit setting, to help reduce the risk of overfill
  • Additional planned drain option—Allows user to add an additional, planned drain before the last fill of the last cycle, or after the last drain, to help remove more fluid from the abdomen; feature can be programmed in advance

Patient Feedback

         “I love, love, love the new cycler. Much quieter and easy to set up — with better instructions!”

– R.C., Worcester, MA.      _______________________________________________________________________________________                                                                                                   


Intuitive Interface

Help keep patients on track during setup and treatment. The Liberty Select cycler’s user-friendly touchscreen provides easy-to-follow, on-screen instructions and troubleshooting guidance.


The Liberty Select set up screen has many features.

The Liberty Select set-up screen features:

  • Easy-to-read touchscreen buttons
  • Easy-to-follow, illustrated, on-screen instructions
  • Responsive alerts and helpful guidance

           Color-Coded Tubing

             stay·safe® Organizer

             Easy-to-Load Cassette

Quick and Easy Set-up
User-friendly parts like the color-coded tubing sets, the stay·safe Organizer, and an easy-to-load cassette make set-up quick and simple.

United with stay·safe®

  • Patented stay·safe PIN technology helps reduce the potential risk of touch contamination
  • Easy to learn and easy to use
  • Global product trusted by healthcare providers worldwide for more than 20 years


Learn more about the stay·safe system.

Remote Data Monitoring and Management*The Liberty Select’s IQsystem® software helps you monitor and manage your patient’s treatment data so you can tailor their prescription to better meet their needs.

  • Captures patient treatment data
  • Helps you monitor patient compliance
  • Enables better customization of patient treatment
  • Offers information for troubleshooting patient issues

Simple Product Training Resources and Ongoing Support

Our comprehensive suite of training resources is designed to provide initial and ongoing product support for healthcare professionals (HCPs), patients, and patient care partners.

  • TruBlu Logistics Supply Delivery Service
  • 24/7 Customer Service and Technical Support
  • success@home Clinical Resource Line for HCPs   (1-877-954-3340)

For additional information about the Liberty Select cycler’s features and support services, view our Liberty Select brochure or take a tour with our interactive guide:

Liberty Select Brochure for Healthcare Professionals

Liberty Select Interactive Guide


*Available for select clinics only. Ask your sales representative for further details.


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