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The stay·safe® Organizer simplifies setup.

Stay Safe Organizer

A Place for Everything

The stay·safe Organizer

The stay·safe Organizer is designed to bring all parts of the stay·safe system together, for ease of use during CAPD and APD.

Stay Safe organizer has grooves for solution bag lines, a well for disc or dial and a place to put disinfection and cathether extension caps.



Stay Safe Organizer shown in an APD configuration.

                   APD Configuration


Stay Safe Organizer shown in a CAPD configuration.

               CAPD Configuration


Works for APD or CAPD 

The stay·safe’s flexible design makes it easy to use for automated peritoneal dialysis (APD) or continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (CAPD). Simply insert the blue clip into the stay·safe Organizer for APD, or insert the stay·safe DISC for CAPD.


Liberty Select Cycler

United with stay·safe

The Liberty® Select cycler uses the same stay·safe PIN technology for APD as used for CAPD, to help reduce the potential risk of touch contamination. Learn more about the Liberty Select cycler.


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