The Most Advanced Connectology

The choice of renal professionals since 1996, the stay·safe® system is still the most advanced PD connection system on the market today.

Stay Safe is trusted for over 20 years.

The Most Advanced Connectology

Trusted for More Than 20 Years

The stay·safe system was introduced to the U.S. market in 2004, but has been used worldwide for more than 20 years. Today, approximately 20,000 patients throughout the U.S. use the stay·safe system to perform APD and CAPD with ease. Features such as the stay·safe PIN, DISC and Organizer continue to make it the most advanced PD connectology on the market. Safe. Simple. Organized.


Liberty Select Cycler

United with stay·safe

The Liberty® Select cycler uses the same stay·safe PIN technology for APD as used for CAPD, to help reduce the potential risk of touch contamination. Learn more about the Liberty Select cycler.


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