For us, sustainability means acting responsibly to achieve business success.

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We assume social responsibility

social responsibility

In a global market, Fresenius Medical Care has a decentralized organization with a high degree of responsibility at a local level. This also applies to our Company’s social commitment. As a result, we not only support globally active organizations and projects, but also regional and local initiatives. Our main focus is on projects aimed at the common good that can help people help themselves and have a long-term impact.

Commitment to a better quality of life

Our objective is to improve the quality of life of kidney patients. Beyond our core range of products and services, we pursue this aim by cooperating globally with associations and institutions that champion the interests of dialysis patients. We also develop our own initiatives to help patients lead a healthier and more active life. In the U.S., for instance, we sponsor the Renal Support Network, a charitable association run by and for patients with chronic kidney failure. This aims to provide patients and their families with health information, giving them more confidence in their everyday lives.

Using our expertise and network for social commitment

Fresenius Medical Care organizes and supports scientific conferences with international nephrology experts as well as training programs for doctors and dialysis specialists worldwide. One example of this is our partnership with the Sustainable Kidney Care Foundation. It promotes projects, mainly in Africa, to give patients with acute kidney failure access to dialysis treatment in regions without an existing supply structure.

Raising public awareness

We are also involved in raising health awareness among the general public. One example is the World Kidney Day which our employees use each year to inform people about the negative impact of kidney disease as well as the connection between kidney and cardiovascular disease.

Our emergency aid in crisis situations

In crisis situations and in the event of global disasters, the Company as a whole fulfills its responsibility to society. We provide funds, dialysis machines and medical supplies to institutions that need specific aid at short notice. Our global crisis team can be deployed immediately to provide help during hurricanes or other natural disasters.