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Episode 35 | Humacyte and its Humanitarian Aid to Ukraine

Dr. Laura Niklason, Founder and CEO of Humacyte, discusses this promising technology and its recent deployment as humanitarian aid for repairing vascular trauma in Ukraine.

Episode 34 | 50th Anniversary of 1972 Medicare legislation

In this episode of GMO Dialogues, Robert Sepucha, CEO of InterWell health talks about how this legislation changed the trajectory of kidney disease care in the United States, and led to value-based care models of today.

Episode 17 | Improving kidney disease care with Dr. Ficociello and Dr. Anke

Real-world evidence can complement existing research in gaining new and valuable insights that improve kidney disease care with Dr. Ficociello and Dr. Winter.

Episode 30 | Disparities in Kidney Transplantation

Dr. Sumit Mohan joins this episode to discuss the importance of kidney transplantation and strategies to address inequities in kidney transplantation access.

Episode 33 | How Real-World Generated Data is Improving Kidney Care

Dr. Len Usvyat, the Global Medical Office’s head of Clinical Advanced Analytics, talks about how real-world data generated by devices is used to improve the care of people living with kidney disease.

Episode 31 | Precision Medicine: Drug Resistant Infections

Dr. Miriam Huntley talks about improving infectious disease diagnosis and treatment, genomic sequencing, and machine learning to solve antibiotic resistance.

Episode 32 | 50th anniversary of Social Security Amendments

Dr. Philip Held talks about the 50th anniversary of this landmark legislation, and how it changed the trajectory of kidney disease care.