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Episode 15 | Kidney Transplantation with Dr. Hippen

Dr. Hippen discusses the challenges facing global transplant and why transplantation remains a vital therapy option for people with advanced kidney disease.

Episode 36 | Cognitive Dysfunction in Kidney Disease

Nephrologist Mark Unruh, MD, discusses cognitive impairment in patients with Chronic kidney disease and his research to find targeted interventions to address these challenge

Episode 37 | APOL1 research and its impact on the African American population of renal patients

Dr. Reshma Kewalramani, CEO of Vertex Pharmaceuticals discusses the company’s research into the underlying cause of APOL1-mediated kidney disease.

Field Notes Episode 36: Expanding FreseniusRx Pharmacy Services to Better Serve Patients

FreseniusRx is expanding its services beyond just kidney care to include non-renal medications and will become a go-to pharmacy for our patients’ medications needs. Senior Director of Pharmacy Michelle Nguyen, PharmD explains how this will work and why it is so important to ensure successful medical management and adherence.

Episode 37 | Growing Home Therapies through the Physician Home Champion Program

Dr. Kristin Corapi and Dr. Arley Diaz join Field Notes to talk about the importance and success of the Physician Home Champion program.

Episode 38 | Korsuva for the Management of CKD-aP

A third of hemodialysis patients suffer from moderate to severe pruritus (or itching). For some, this can result in constant, unrelenting itching. Dr. Dinesh Chatoth, Associate Chief Medical Officer and Chair of the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee at Fresenius Kidney Care, joins Field Notes to discuss the condition and explore the ways Korsuva, a new FDA-approved medication, can help patients.

Episode 39 | Measuring the Quality of Peritoneal Dialysis

Our goal as providers is to give our patients the absolute best care possible, and that means we continuously work to improve and measure the quality of care we provide. As we grow peritoneal dialysis, the care and treatment we provide patients should result in lower morbidity and the best outcomes. But to understand how to improve, we need to answer this question: How do we measure the quality of PD?