A Message to Fresenius Medical Care North America Employees from Bill Valle, Chief Executive Officer

Dear Colleagues,
The last three months in our country are difficult to comprehend. Our lives have been emotionally and economically impacted in ways that we could not have imagined. We started 2020 with dreams for a more peaceful, prosperous, healthy, safe, and united world. After hearing of the tragic death of George Floyd and watching the resulting protests unfold, it would be natural for anyone to wonder, “how much more can we endure?” This act of violence, and others like it, are senseless – they’re painful and ugly and heartbreaking, and they need to stop.
I know you’re dealing with a lot right now, and I want you to know that we’re here for you. I care deeply about you personally and professionally. Our resiliency is being tested, and during this turbulent time, we must come together and unite as one to care for our patients and each other. We are diverse and inclusive. We share a common purpose. We are respectful and understanding. We are Fresenius Medical Care Strong.
Your voice matters and your actions speak louder than words. Please join me in committing to kindness. When I say “love each other,” it extends beyond our Fresenius Medical Care Family. Be a caring listener to anyone who is expressing anger, fear, and frustration, and encourage them to be hopeful and confident that even one act of kindness from them, no matter how small, will not be wasted.
I remain hopeful for a world where we respect people as individuals and appreciate their contributions — where there is no place for these senseless, unnecessary, and tragic acts. Stay strong, stay kind — we will get through this together.
Bill Valle
Chief Executive Officer
Fresenius Medical Care North America