CARES Fund Offers Help Amid Tragedy



For Alisa Washburn, an Arizona-based nurse, the CARES Fund was there to help when tragedy struck her family and drained their savings. 

Alisa’s husband Kimball was 45 when he was diagnosed with leukemia. As shocking as the diagnosis was, they remained hopeful, especially when Kimball’s cancer went into remission after a bone marrow transplant.   

Tragically, the period of remission didn’t last, and six months later, Kimball’s cancer returned.  A tumor on his spine paralyzed him from the waist down. His health deteriorated as the cancer spread. And sadly, the following January, Kimball died at home.

By the time Kimball died, the couple’s finances had been exhausted. Alisa had used all of her medical leave to care for her husband and she was unable to work while tending to Kimball’s needs. She didn’t have enough savings left for Kimball’s burial. 

That’s when a colleague, who also recently lost her spouse, told Alisa about the CARES Fund.

The CARES Fund provides financial assistance to eligible employees going through financial hardship due to natural disaster, family loss, and other unexpected emergencies. With help from the fund, Alisa would have assistance to help cover the $20,000 in funeral expenses.

“I applied the same day, and it was easy,” Alisa said. “I heard back a few days later that I was approved, and I received the grant right away. The CARES Fund was really wonderful.”

For Alisa and many others, the CARES Fund has been a lifeline in times of crisis. 

Last year, thanks to the generous contributions of you, and other donors, we assisted more than 1,600 employees with more than $1.5M. We need your support to keep this vital program going strong. 

If you’re a Fresenius Medical Care employee and you’d like to contribute to our CARES Fund, please visit our “Who Cares?” website to view your donation options. Non-employees may donate using our online donation form. Thank you for supporting our CARES Fund!