In-Center Care

Fresenius Medical Care’s Renal Technologies is focused on meeting your In-Center needs. The 2008T BlueStar™ Hemodialysis Machine represents our 30-year commitment to the treatment of end-stage renal disease, offering our latest technology on a proven platform. Add to this our Aqua RO systems that offer advanced water purification required for hemodialysis and other therapies. These feature-rich machines and systems are backed by the support and educational resources physicians and clinicians need to deliver quality dialysis care.

Evolving technologies. Enhancing experiences.

Our goal is to streamline the treatment process for you and your patients. Our machines are able to provide chairside access to patient information, making it readily available for review and revision. Our proven reliability and extensive support have helped clinicians provide consistent treatments for over thirty years. The more our machines can do, the more you can do for your patients.

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