Liberty Select PD Cycler

Liberty® Select with Kinexus®

Liberty® Select with Kinexus® allows providers to customize treatment options to meet patients’ clinical and lifestyle needs, address staff efficiency and grow home dialysis. By incorporating the Kinexus Remote Therapy Management platform, Liberty® Select aims to improve patient experience and outcomes on PD by offering simplesafe, and connected PD therapy.


Liberty Select transmits post treatment data to the center for remote therapy monitoring

Liberty Select patients receive adjusted therapy programs from center for remote therapy programming

Designed to reduce reliance on paper flow sheets

89% reduced risk of PD patient attrition in the first year when 5 or more prescription alterations are made1*

*Based on observational data collected as part of a study using the Liberty Modem


User interface is designed to be intuitive with a large, color touchscreen for easier data entry

Step-by-step instructions guide the patient through setup, treatment, and troubleshooting

Color coded icons on screen match color coded clamps on cycler set


PD Plus™, a daytime exchange and cost-effective option that does not require a CAPD bag or additional cycler set

Treatment Based therapy for when treatment should be delivered within a certain time

Cycle Based therapy to ensure a prescribed dwell time is met

Flow alert options for fewer alarms and alerts at night

Customizable drain options & visibility to Total Ultrafiltration (UF)


stay•safe PIN technology helps reduce the potential risk of touch contamination

Existing cyclers can be upgraded to enable remote therapy programming

Updates average less than 30 minutes

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  1. Parameswaran, V., Linda Ficociello, Mullon, C., Chatoth, D., Kraus, M., Giles, H., Anger, M., Alterations to Peritoneal Dialysis Prescriptions in the First 120 Days of Dialysis May Reduce the  Risk of Attrition [Abstract]. ASN 2021

Indications for Use: The Fresenius Liberty Select Cycler is indicated for acute and chronic peritoneal  dialysis.

Caution: Federal (U.S.) law restricts these devices to sale by or on the order of a physician.

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Use: The Kinexus Portal is intended to allow clinicians to review patient data  collected during peritoneal dialysis therapy and to enable physicians to create peritoneal  dialysis therapy programs for the Liberty Select Cycler. The Kinexus portal does not provide  medical diagnoses or recommendations regarding medical treatment. The Kinexus Portal and  the content appearing on this site are not substitutes for professional medical advice,  diagnosis, or treatment.

Use: The Kinexus Gateway is intended for transmission of home dialysis therapy data and patient data for patients using certain Fresenius products, including peritoneal dialysis cycler(s).

Kinexus is not an electronic health record (EHR) or billing solution

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