Reverse osmosis systems


Providing clean, purified water is an essential part
of delivering high quality dialysis therapy. The
AquaBplus is a versatile dialysis water system that
offers the flexibility you need to meet a wide
range of local regulatory and water safety





Efficiency. Quality. Reliability.

Fresenius Medical Care brings it all together with the AquaBplus dialysis water treatment system. This innovative platform delivers the operational and technical advantages that executives, nurses, administrators, and technicians want—and patients need.


Benefits for Executives

The Aqua Series Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems offer a flexible design to meet individual needs for producing high-quality dialysis water. 

Address local water quality and regulatory demands using single or double stage options, with or without a heat disinfection module.

Ensure safety comes first with leakage monitoring and a double stage system, for uninterrupted water supply 

Promote ease of use through an automatic rinse program and guided chemical disinfection

Benefits for Nurses

The AquaB RO systems offer essential features to simplify everyday tasks and help lighten workloads.

Keep it simple with an intuitive user interface that promotes ease of use. 

Set your team up for success with automated heat disinfections and service data monitoring.



Benefits for Administration

Put time on your side. The proven AquaB platform has been refined in the field over a decade. This market intelligence delivers a design that enables you to work smarter--not harder.

Protect your investment while delivering years of reliable performance with our RO system’s closed cabinet design.

Improve your financial outlook with a demand-controlled, water-saving circuit offering 75% water yield control (recovery rate).

Benefits for Technicians

Connectivity is the name of the game. The AquaB water system reduces the need for paper logs while promoting productivity and compliance.

Plan and prepare daily work with our detailed error reporting.

Help ensure your system runs smoothly with remote monitoring of operating data.

AquaBplus Technical Data

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The AquaBplus reverse osmosis system includes single-stage or double-stage options- with or without heat disinfection.

Caution: Federal (US) law restricts these devices to sale by or on the order of a physician.

Note: Read the Instructions for Use for safe and proper use of these devices. For a complete description of hazards, contraindications, side effects and precautions, see full package labeling.

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