Every Little Bit Helps

A frantic knock on Jenna’s door woke her at 2:40 a.m. in early March of last year. Her condominium complex was in flames, and she needed to get out immediately. She frantically gathered her pets, and once outside, watched nearly everything she owned burn to the ground.   

After the fire, Jenna missed two weeks of work. Her entire condo building was condemned, and Jenna stayed with a friend while she decided how to move forward.  
When she returned to work at Fresenius Kidney Care, a colleague who had heard about her situation suggested she apply for assistance from the CARES Fund. She applied and was quickly approved, and with those funds, she was able to pay rent and buy essential items, including new clothes and shoes for work.  
“The CARES Fund definitely helped,” Jenna said. “Just having it as a resource available helps. Going back to work was hard, but I’m quick to bounce back.”   
To those thinking of donating to the CARE Fund, Jenna said any amount can make a difference.   
“Just remember when you are in a difficult situation, every little bit helps,” she said.