Making Every Dollar Count: A Look at How Your Donations Supported Our Mission in 2022

Dear Friends and Supporters of the Fresenius Medical Care Foundation,

In my role as Vice President of Sustainability and Citizenship for Fresenius Medical Care, one of my key responsibilities—and privileges—is oversight of the Fresenius Medical Care Foundation (the Foundation). As someone who’s seen firsthand the tremendous impact of your donations, I’d like to start by expressing my immense gratitude for your contributions. Thanks to your generosity, we continue to make significant strides toward our Foundation’s goals, including increasing awareness about kidney disease and supporting innovations to improve access to transplantation. Since transparency and accountability are cornerstones of our organization and, as we recently concluded our annual year-end audit, I wanted to share a glimpse into the powerful impact of our donors’ contributions in 2022 and how these funds were utilized. 

Total Revenue: $767,000

First, I’m proud to announce that in 2022, the Foundation raised a total of $767,000. This achievement would not have been possible without your unwavering support and dedication to our cause. Each dollar contributed to the Foundation’s Transplant Fund serves as a crucial building block in our mission to raise awareness about kidney disease and transplantation, offering a lifeline to those in need. As you may know, the CARES Fund, an emergency financial assistance program for Fresenius Medical Care employees, is also managed by the Foundation. Donations directed toward our CARES Fund offer vital assistance to employees facing financial hardship due to natural disasters, loss of a loved one, chronic illness, and other emergencies. 

Allocation of Funds

We’re committed to ensuring that your donations directly impact our programs and initiatives. To this end, I’m pleased to report that a remarkable 90 percent of the dollars raised were allocated to support our Transplant Fund and CARES Fund. This exceeds the best practice in non-profit management that a minimum of 75 percent of charitable proceeds is used to execute the mission and programs. 

Supporting Organ Transportation Innovation

One of our contributions in 2022 was a grant payment to the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS), the organization that manages the United States’ organ transplant system. The grant, approved in 2021, was designated to support research UNOS has been conducting to better predict organ travel time to reduce the nationwide organ discard rate. 

According to an article on the UNOS website, from 2010 to 2020, more than 45,000 organs recovered for transplantation were not used to save lives. One of the key factors to this formidable problem is prolonged cold ischemic time, the time that an organ spends outside of the body between procurement and transplantation. One of the aims of UNOS’ research, therefore, has been to improve organ transport. More information about the results of their research can be found in “Association of Transit Time with Cold Ischemic Time in Kidney Transplantation,” one of the articles based on the study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. 

We are honored to support UNOS in this important endeavor that aligns with our mission to increase access to transplantation by helping more organs reach their destination in optimal condition.

Supporting Fresenius Medical Care Colleagues in Need

Of the total funds donated to the Foundation, 76 percent were designated to the CARES Fund. This fund provides emergency financial assistance to Fresenius Medical Care employees facing unexpected challenges. In 2022, the CARES Fund played a vital role in supporting numerous colleagues in need, including those impacted by Tropical Storm Fiona, Hurricane Ian, and the conflict in Ukraine. Your contributions were combined with money donated by Fresenius Medical Care and directly provided to employees in need of essential relief during times of crisis.

As you can see, your continued support and dedication to the Foundation have allowed us to make significant strides in working to advance research and programming for kidney transplantation and in supporting Fresenius Medical Care colleagues in their greatest time of need. None of this would have been possible without your generosity. I look forward to sharing more updates and achievements with you in the coming year. Thank you for being a vital part of our mission and for making a positive impact on countless lives.

With heartfelt appreciation,

Jessie Newman
Vice President, Sustainability & Citizenship
Fresenius Medical Care