Chance Mysayphonh, PharmaD
Director of Clinical and Therapeutic Initiatives, Fresenius Kidney Care

Chance Mysayphonh serves as regional clinical pharmacist for Fresenius Kidney Care, overseeing the Antibiotic Stewardship Program and kidney disease initiatives. Prior to Fresenius, in 2018 he served as clinical systems analyst for TwelveStone Health Partners, where he supported multiple clinical teams by utilizing data to improve outcomes and led the Accreditation and Certification Committee. Dr. Mysayphonh also served as clinical infusion pharmacist for Vanderbilt HC/Walgreens Infusion, where he provided post-acute care to prevent rehospitalization, led the clinical team for all chemotherapy patients, and worked closely with the Vanderbilt Infectious Disease Clinic regarding antibiotic drug protocols and therapy management. Dr. Mysayphonh received his doctor of pharmacy from the University of Tennessee, with graduate training at Vanderbilt University.


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