Frank Laukhuf, MD
Senior Vice Preseident, Head of Medical Affairs Products for Europe/Middle East/Africa, Asia Pacific, and Latin America; Chief Medical Officer, Fresenius Medical Care EMEA

Frank Laukhuf is head of the medical office throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. At the cross-regional level, he leads the Medical Affairs Products team that medically manages the entire product portfolio of Fresenius Medical Care, both medical devices and drugs, around the globe except for the United States. Frank is a board-certified internist and nephrologist. He spent 15 years in direct patient care and several years in hospital management, allowing him to gain extensive insights in the health care systems of Germany and Switzerland in particular. After joining Fresenius Medical Care in 2011, Frank led the development and expansion of the medical product governance function in EMEA before taking over as chief medical officer of EMEA. He holds a doctor of medicine from Heidelberg University in Germany as well as a postgraduate diploma in health economics. 


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