Emergency Preparedness Considerations for Hospital Owned/Operated Dialysis Unit

Emergencies happen. Extreme weather events, wildfires, large-scale power outages, infectious disease outbreaks, and more can all disrupt day-to-day operations for renal care with little to no advanced warning. That’s why it’s crucial for healthcare administrators to develop and adopt an emergency preparedness plan that addresses the unique demands of kidney treatment as a part of the hospitals overall emergency plan.

Our team has compiled a thorough checklist of action items to help you identify opportunities and proactively establish a plan specific to your hospital’s needs.

Download our Emergency Preparedness Consideration to help you:

  • Create and implement infection control plans
  • Plan patient care
  • Address absenteeism
  • Arrange surge capacity planning and activation 

Disclaimer: NxStage has prepared this as a tool as supplemental to your hospital emergency preparedness plans. This is not a complete and comprehensive checklist. This is for informational purposes only.

INDICATIONS FOR USE:  The NxStage® System One™ is indicated for the treatment of acute and chronic renal failure, or fluid overload using hemofiltration, hemodialysis, and/or ultrafiltration, in an acute or chronic care facility. The NxStage System One is also indicated for Therapeutic Plasma Exchange in a clinical environment. All treatments must be administered under a physician’s prescription and must be observed by a trained and qualified person, considered to be competent in the use of this device by the prescribing physician. NxView™ is a computer-based touch screen user interface that provides online instructions for use, summarized system information, and remote access. NxView is contraindicated as the sole method of monitoring a patient during treatment.

RISK INFORMATION:   Kidney replacement therapy, as with any medical therapy, is not without risks. The decision of which therapy to use should be made by the physician, based on previous experience and on the individual facts and circumstances of the patient. There is no literature demonstrating one therapy is clinically better than another.

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