Optiflux® High Flux Dialyzers

Clinically Proven Albumin-sparing Design4


Keep Albumin Where It Belongs

Dialyzers help rid waste from your patient's bloodstream. But what if they're also losing something beneficial?

Optiflux® high flux dialyzers are designed to help patients limit albumin loss. In fact, in a retrospective data analysis, patients using the Optiflux dialyzer were observed to have significant increases (0.07 g/dL) in mean serum albumin after six months of treatments.1

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Your Patients Rely on You. You Can Rely on Optiflux.

Reliable efficacy has made Optiflux dialyzers the time-tested choice of clinicians around the country, which is why we've achieved a landmark of 550 million+ treatments. And with the largest dialyzer manufacturing facility in the US, and a fleet of TruBlu delivery vehicles, customers can count on us to provide what they need, when they need it.

For more evidence of how we help you and your patients, see our proof points below.



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Treatment Adequacy

Mean spKt/V of 1.9 ± 0.312,3 in a controlled study of 17 subjects.


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Albumin-sparing Design

Albumin loss below the detection limit of 0.3 g per treatment3 means patients retain nearly all of this vital protein.


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No Evidence of Overt Complement Activation2

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Quality You Can Quantify

Low customer complaint rates5 reflect reliable performance and engineering.


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Supply You Can Count On

Manufactured locally in the US in a facility producing over 55 million dialyzers a year.5


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Delivery You Can Depend On

Distribution centers in key locations, a fleet of long-haul trucks, and a 99% order fill rate.6