Low serum albumin levels can influence your patients' health

A majority of dialysis patients begin therapy with low serum albumin levels (<4g/dL).2 Low serum albumin is associated with a high risk of adverse health outcomes.3 Choose a dialyzer with an albumin-sparing design.





Low serum albumin can increase your patients' risk of hospitalization4


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financial management



Dialyzers that leak albumin may present a problem for patients4

Serum albumin is a beneficial protein and a key indicator of patient health. Once serum albumin levels drop below recommended levels, restoring normal levels is challenging.5 Dialyzers that have the potential to leak albumin during the course of treatmentmay contribute to hypoalbuminemia.



Learn more about how Optiflux® high-flux dialyzers can help your patients

Choose Optiflux: The #1 high-flux dialyzer brand in the US.8 Designed to preserve albumin.6

Optiflux high-flux dialyzers have been shown to clear out harmful toxins while preserving serum albumin.6 After six months of treatment with Optiflux, 87% of patients with hypoalbuminemia observed a mean increase in serum albumin levels.7

Optiflux dialyzers are prescribed by nephrologists more than 600 million times and counting.8