Driving Improved Patient Outcomes for People with Kidney Disease

Our Kidney Disease educational resources are designed to support Nephrologists and provide their patients with better health outcomes.

As kidney experts, nephrologists play an integral role in the diagnosis and care of people with chronic kidney disease (CKD). With your guidance, your patients can achieve better health outcomes and live a life beyond their expectations. Fresenius Kidney Care is dedicated to supporting your patients from diagnosis through dialysis. Our education and resources are designed to support the conversations you’re already having with your patients.

Research shows that seeing a nephrologist as early as possible and at the onset of symptoms — no later than stage 3b — may help with slowing the progression of CKD and allow for better health outcomes.1 You provide an in-depth look at a patient’s unique condition and underlying disease, something they can’t always get from their PCP. And studies show that patients who see a nephrologist before needing dialysis may have a reduced need for urgent starts to dialysis or temporary dialysis catheters.

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCB1)1, timely referral to outpatient nephrology care can:

Slow CKD progression

Reduce CKD treatment costs

Reduce hospitalizations and length of hospital stays

CKD Education Class for Patients and Care Partners

Fresenius Kidney Care education is designed to support the conversations you’re already having with your patients. Referring your late stage 3, stage 4, and stage 5 CKD patients to our online or in-person free kidney disease education class will help empower and inform people about their kidney health. They’ll also learn about treatment options, including home dialysis and kidney transplant.

The class is designed to help people with late-stage kidney disease and their care partners understand a kidney-healthy lifestyle and the stages of kidney disease to help them live well and thrive with CKD.

We Support Your Late-Stage CKD Patients

Our Kidney Care Advocates (KCAs) partner with you and your late-stage CKD patients to educate them, care partners, and their families about managing kidney disease and available treatment options. In addition to teaching our free class, KCAs help bridge the gap for people who may have more questions than may be answered in a typical office visit.

To refer a patient to our free CKD education class, reach out to your local KCA or use our free app.

Refer Your Patients to Fresenius Kidney Care Resources:

Downloadable tools and resources to support patient conversations

Educational materials to share with newly diagnosed patients

Classes, articles, and other resources to explain available treatment options

250+ unique recipes that will inspire a kidney-friendly diet

Information and inspiration to help people live a full life beyond dialysis

People can learn from others who have been in their shoes


1. Lonnemann G, Duttlinger J, Hohmann D, et al. Timely Referral to Outpatient Nephrology Care Slows Progression and Reduces Treatment Costs of Chronic Kidney Disease; National Center for Biotechnology Information. October 2016.

2. Revirlego-Mendoza M, Jiao Y, Larkin J, et al. Options Education Before Initiation of Dlalysis is Associated with Improved Hospitallzation and Mortality Rates. Abstract presented at: American Society of Nephrology Kidney Week 2017; New Orleans, LA.