Kidney-Friendly Pharmacy Care for Your Patients

People with kidney disease may likely need tailored medication dosages. FreseniusRx offers kidney-friendly pharmacy care to people living with kidney disease. We are transforming traditional pharmacy practices from simply dispensing medications to playing an integral role in patients’ coordinated kidney care team, with the goal of improving patient outcomes and well-being. FreseniusRx is your partner in helping to improve medication management and adherence for people living with kidney disease so they can thrive.

The FreseniusRx pharmacy care team, including our specially trained pharmacists, understand how medications and kidney disease impact each other. Our team works directly with your patients to help them understand their medications and helps to prevent possible adverse drug reactions. When appropriate, we provide recommendations to prescribers when medication or dosing adjustments may be considered to support better health outcomes.

Sylvanus Chiaku, B.Pharm, Pharm.D, Cph.
FreseniusRx Pharmacist

Why Is Kidney-Friendly Pharmacy Care Important for Your Patients?

Studies have shown that medication dosing in people with kidney disease can be complex and may need adjustment based on renal function.

Among drugs that were renally excreted or nephrotoxic,


of orders were written for an inappropriately high dose or frequency.1

Over a two-year period,


of chronic kidney disease (CKD) patients experienced an adverse drug reaction, 23% of those were classified as serious.2

Among the serious adverse drug reactions,


were considered preventable or potentially preventable.2

What Can FreseniusRx Do for Your Patients with Kidney Disease?

Partnering with FreseniusRx, a kidney-friendly pharmacy with specially trained renal pharmacists, may support better health outcomes.

Fill most patient prescriptions,* even those from other doctors.

 Help improve health outcomes related to adverse medication reactions.

Provide a positive experience and convenient medication delivery services.

Maintain 24/7 support with access to a specially trained pharmacist.

Answer patients’ questions about their prescriptions and any over-the-counter vitamins, medications, and supplements.

Identify resources and assistance that may help patients with medication costs.

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*Exclusions to medications that FreseniusRx provides: controlled substances (federal and state-specific controlled substances), DME, diabetic testing supplies (test strips, lancets, glucometers, etc.), nebulizer equipment (and medications administered via nebulizer).

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