bibag On-line Dry Bicarbonate Concentrate

The bibag® system of pre-filled, dry bicarbonate
concentrate bags provides a lightweight,
streamlined alternative to liquid bicarbonate jugs.

How bibag Online Dry Bicarbonate Compares to Central Bicarbonate Delivery

Bicarbonate Made Easy

When the bibag disposable is secured to the bibag connector on the Fresenius Medical Care 2008T hemodialysis machine or the 2008K@home™, the sodium bicarbonate powder is automatically mixed with water producing a saturated solution. This saturated solution is then proportioned with water and acid to achieve the prescribed dialysate.

Ease of Use

  • Hygienic Delivery of Bicarbonate — Dissolves directly at the machine to reduce the risk of contamination and bacterial growth1
  • Convenient Handling with Lightweight Packaging — Removes strain associated with lifting heavy liquid bicarbonate bottles
  • Easy Top Connectology — Eliminates dripping on the floor when disconnected compared to other cartridges

More Features

  • Less Storage and Preparation Space — Up to five times the number of treatments per box compared to one case of FMCNA liquid bicarbonate
  • Two Flexible Bag Sizes — 650 g and 900 g bags provide the right amount of bicarbonate for an efficient treatment
  • Environmentally Friendly with Less Waste — Flexible, recyclable bag may reduce waste costs

bibag® On-line Dry Bicarbonate Formulations

1. When mixed with water that meets current ANSI/AAMI RD62, Ph Eur or ISO 13959

2. Run times are estimates and may vary per unit protocol. Run times include estimated preparation and treatment time. Highlighted run times indicate 10+ hours of treatment time.

Caution: Federal (US) law restricts these devices to sale by or on the order of a physician.

Note: Read the Instructions for Use for safe and proper use of these devices. For a complete description of hazards, contraindications, side effects and precautions, see full package labeling.

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