When the Industry Asked, We Delivered.

Fresenius Medical Care has been at the forefront of dialysis technology, providing nephrologists the solutions to allow for the continuous enhancement of dialysis treatment. Today, over 90 percent of the machines used in the provision of hemodialysis are manufactured by Fresenius Medical Care.

Take a look and you’ll see why over 120,000 machines have been installed throughout the United States.



When the community required an accurate fluid management platform to allow for the introduction of high-flux dialysis, Fresenius Medical Care introduced the 2008C, the first commercially successful UF-control machine in the industry.



Further enhancements to a revolutionary technological platform. Fresenius Medical Care introduced variable dialysate flow rates to optimize solute clearance with economic dialysate consumption. Clinical utilization was enhanced with ergonomic placement of machine modules..



Fresenius Medical Care introduced the first dialysis delivery system with microprocessor technology. The foundation for intra-dialytic monitoring, trend analysis and paperless treatment records was established with the FDS-08 — a computer system which monitored the dialysis treatment with pre-programmed parameters, recorded the treatment log and provided data for transfer to medical billing and medical information programs.



Fresenius Medical Care introduced fully programmable sodium and UF profiling capabilities, further refining the ability for precise, individualized treatment prescriptions. Blood Temperature and Blood Volume Monitoring were introduced, providing unique biofeedback technology designed to reduce morbidity in hemodialysis.1



Fresenius Medical Care introduced the 2008K series and continues its tradition of offering a modular design for maximum treatment versatility. Vascular Access Surveillance with OnLine Clearance with Access Flow was introduced to address the ongoing issue of vascular patency.



The 2008T machine introduces groundbreaking renal technology. Clinical Data eXchange™ (CDX) offers direct access to clinical medical information systems from the 2008T machine. And bibag® On-line Dry Bicarbonate Concentrate provides a lightweight, streamlined alternative to liquid bicarbonate jugs. 2008T BlueStar™ adds over 30 new features to simplify processes, reduce costs and provide enhanced treatment options.

1. MP Rubin, PP Cody, RP Eisinger. “Amelioration of Hemodialysis-Associated Hypotension by the Use of Cool Dialysate.” Am J Kidney Disease 5 no. 2 (1985):124-127.

Caution: Federal (US) law restricts these devices to sale by or on the order of a physician.

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