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Thank you for your interest in making a donation. Your support will help make a real impact - for patients, employees and the broader community.

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Check Donations

For check donations to support our work in bringing more transplants to patients who need them, you can mail your check to:

Transplant Fund
c/oFresenius Medical Care Foundation, Inc.
P.O. Box 789236
Philadelphia, PA 19178-9236
Make Transplant Fund checks payable to: Fresenius Medical Care Foundation and in the memo line include Transplant Fund.

For check donations to support our CARES Fund, which provides financial assistance to eligible employees impacted by unforeseen disaster or hardship situations, mail checks to: 

c/o Fresenius Medical Care Foundation
P.O. Box 781021
Philadelphia, PA 19178-1021
Make CARES Fund checks payable to: Fresenius Medical Care Foundation and in the memo line include CARES Fund / employee ID.

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When we look outside the walls of our dialysis clinics, we know we must help people at risk for developing kidney disease, and our new Foundation is a significant step toward that important, long-term goal.