Fresenius Medical Care North America Announces Scholarship Program for Nurses of the American Nephrology Nurses Association


Donation to Help Nephrology Nurses Further Their Education

Waltham, Mass. Sept. 15, 2017 – To recognize nephrology nurses’ passion and dedication to caring for patients with kidney disease, Fresenius Medical Care North America (FMCNA) today announced it is providing the American Nephrology Nurses Association (ANNA) a $20,000 grant for educational scholarships. FMCNA believes supporting nurses by helping them further their education is an ideal way to mark Nephrology Nurses Week, Sept. 10-16.

ANNA will award $4,000 scholarships to five nephrology nurses who wish to further their education.

“Nephrology nurses are dedicated to providing personalized care to people living with kidney disease, and their passion and commitment to patients truly makes a difference,” said Franklin Maddux, MD, FACP, chief medical officer and executive vice president for clinical and scientific affairs at FMCNA. “This contribution to their professional association is our way of not only thanking these caregivers who are vital to the profession, but also helping them further their careers.”

“Assisting nephrology nurses by supporting their education not only helps their careers, it helps patients,” said Alice M. Hellebrand, MSN, RN, CNN, ANNA president. “We appreciate this partnership and generous grant from Fresenius Medical Care North America to benefit nephrology nurses who want to continue their nursing education.”

As a special grant, the scholarships will be awarded under a separate timeframe from ANNA’s
current scholarship program. All ANNA members are eligible for the new scholarship, which will provide funding for the pursuit of higher education. Members may apply directly for scholarships. The deadline to apply for scholarships through the grant is March 15, 2018. Winners will be announced at ANNA’s National Symposium, April 15-18, 2018 in Las Vegas, NV and funds will be distributed ahead of the fall 2018 academic year. For more information, visit

For information about other ANNA scholarships and grants, visit

About Fresenius Medical Care North America
Fresenius Medical Care North America is the premier health care company focused on providing the highest quality care to people with renal and other chronic conditions. Through its industry-leading network of dialysis facilities, outpatient cardiac and vascular labs, and urgent care centers, as well as the country’s largest practice of hospitalist and post-acute providers, Fresenius Medical Care North America provides coordinated health care services at pivotal care points for hundreds of thousands of chronically ill customers throughout the continent. As the world’s largest fully integrated renal company, it offers specialty pharmacy and laboratory services, and manufactures and distributes the most comprehensive line of dialysis equipment, disposable products and renal pharmaceuticals. For more information, visit the FMCNA website at

About American Nephrology Nurses Association
ANNA is a professional nursing association with more than 8,500 members. ANNA’s mission is to improve members’ lives through education, advocacy, networking, and science.

About Nephrology Nurses Week – September 10-16, 2017
Because nephrology nursing is unique, requiring a dedication to one-on-one patient care and a passion for improving outcomes and becoming an expert on the kidneys, the American Nephrology Nurses Association (ANNA) launched Nephrology Nurses Week in 2005. The week provides all involved – from employers to doctors to patients – the opportunity to thank these dedicated nurses for their vital work. ANNA also hopes to spread the word about the benefits of nephrology nursing, and the various career opportunities within the field. Nephrology truly is one of the most diverse nursing specialties, because nephrology nurses care for patients of all ages, backgrounds and income levels who have, or are at risk for, kidney disease.

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