What Is the AquaA™ Dialysis Water System?

Providing hemodialysis patients with high-quality treatment is a top priority for clinics, and it all begins with a safe, efficient reverse osmosis (RO) water purification system. The AquaA central dialysis water system addresses the unique needs of today’s clinics with greater flexibility, full heat disinfection, and more sustainable eco-friendly technology that conserves water and power.1 Discover what makes AquaA an attractive choice for dialysis centers.

Introducing AquaA

The AquaA dialysis water system efficiently removes water contaminants while improving upon less efficient older systems. The AquaA system improves dialysis water quality and safety.1 Its advanced fail-safe mode adds full system redundancy, ensuring safe and reliable supply even in case of hydraulic failures.

The AquaA central dialysis water system comes standard with AquaHT, offering fully automatic heat disinfection of the dialysis water distribution loop, RO membranes, and hemodialysis stations. This modular RO system is customizable enough to work in almost any center and has the capacity to support up to 75 dialysis stations simultaneously. Configuration options include:

  • AquaA2 option. This double-stage RO system is designed to enable a safe and reliable water supply, even during system failures, by adding an additional layer of water purification and full redundancy to the AquaA.
  • AquaUF option. This ultrafiltration option is designed to further boost water safety by adding an additional barrier against endotoxins and bacteria.

Full Heat Disinfection: Promotes Safety for Patients and the Planet

Conventional central dialysis water systems typically rely on disinfectant chemicals, but AquaA introduces automatic heat disinfection technology. This process can be customized with programmable temperatures and timers, which saves biomedical technicians time and effort. And without added chemicals, there’s no need for manual chemical disinfection or service costs to test for residual chemicals. This puts less stress on the natural environment while increasing efficiency.1  

Heat disinfection also has the capacity to supply a hot rinse for up to 35 hemodialysis devices in one process; heat disinfection of the loop has the capability of supplying a hot rinse to HD machines using a fluid fly loop. The included fluid fly loop minimizes dead space, so no water is allowed to sit stagnant, reducing the risk of microbiological growth.

Advanced Features of the New AquaA Central Dialysis Water System

With up to 85 percent water recovery and minimized water intake, AquaA sets the industry standard in both efficiency and eco-friendliness. Automatic energy-saving settings also help conserve resources while cutting operating costs.

Upkeep is simplified and the cost of labor is reduced with preventative maintenance on a two-year schedule, no parts to purchase, and a device life expectancy of ten years or more. A user-friendly touch-screen display simplifies daily operation and troubleshooting.

The AquaA dialysis water system meets the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standards.1

Get to Know AquaA

Fresenius Renal Technologies leads the way in kidney care and offers comprehensive system installation and support processes. Training is available on-site or at a training center, with upgrades and instruction along the way.

With AquaA, full heat disinfection and added redundancy are designed to provide efficient and safe treatment for your dialysis patients. With an improved resourcefriendly design and the total cost of ownership in mind, AquaA is flexible enough to meet the needs of your center.

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1. FMCNA data on file as of 09/2022.

Indications for Use:

The AquaA water purification system is a modular reverse osmosis unit intended for use with hemodialysis systems to remove organic and inorganic substances and microbial contaminants from the water used for treating hemodialysis patients or related therapies. This device is intended to be a component in a complete water purification system, and is not a complete water treatment system. The reverse osmosis unit must be preceded by pretreatment devices, and may need to be followed by post-treatment devices as well, to meet current AAMI/ANSI/ISO and Federal (US) standards.

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