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Taking care of dialysis patients during an emergency means taking care of clinic staff

“It was a controlled evacuation,” said Tim Berberovich, Fresenius Medical Care regional vice president in the Southeast Louisiana and Mississippi area. “The water wasn’t inside the clinics. Patients were able to finish their treatments. Our staff was very much on top of it.”

Even though the water rose rapidly, Fresenius staff were able to use their disaster preparedness training and responded appropriately. “They handled it amazingly,” said Berberovich. “They maintained a calm composure, put their patients first, and ensured that the patients finished their dialysis treatments. They did an excellent job.”

“I don’t think anybody realized the extent of what was about to happen,” he said. The height and quickness of the flood caught a lot of people by surprise, which is why we saw so many people stranded in their homes and on the highways.”

The floods affected 22 Fresenius dialysis clinics in the Baton Rouge area. Three clinics were closed, including one that was completely destroyed. Two of the closed clinics are being rebuilt, and Fresenius is relocating the other, which was completely flooded. Forty Fresenius employees lost their homes.

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