Transacting With Us

Fresenius Medical Care North America and SAP Ariba

The Ariba R2P solution includes the Ariba Supplier Network. The Ariba Network platform allows electronic transmission of purchase orders and invoices between Fresenius Medical Care North America (FMCNA) and its valued suppliers. Electronic transactions deliver proven benefits, sending purchase orders and processing invoices more efficiently for both suppliers and FMCNA. Ariba Network allows FMCNA and suppliers to work together more efficiently and effectively on all the shared aspects of commerce. If you’re already using Ariba Network with other customers, you understand the benefits of trading on a global platform.

There are no fees for suppliers trading with FMCNA on an Ariba Network Enterprise account.

Trading with FMCNA on Ariba Network

Ariba is the standard platform that FMCNA uses to transact with all our supplier partners. To optimize benefits from Ariba, we expect that our valued suppliers will take all necessary steps to accept purchase orders and transmit invoices with FMCNA via Ariba Network.


  • Invoice and payment automation using Ariba Network
  • Quick and easy catalog content management
  • Shorter sales cycles and reduced inventories through increased order accuracy
  • Increased contract compliance and invoice accuracy via reduced manual processing

You will receive a Trade Relationship Request (TRR) from FMCNA. This email is delivered to you by Ariba, and it explains how to register on Ariba Network and create your account or link your current account to include FMCNA as a customer. By accepting the Trade Relationship Request, you are agreeing with FMCNA to abide by all policies and procedures.


While you don’t need a catalog to trade with FMCNA on Ariba Network, electronic catalogs are our preferred method for supplier content. Your free Enterprise Account on Ariba Network allows suppliers to create and manage catalogs to increase visibility and ease of ordering. Suppliers with catalogs in our FMCNA R2P system enjoy more accurate end to end transactions, which streamlines the invoice and payment processing.

If you already have a B2B website, consider an Ariba Punchout catalog.


Ariba offers Supplier Accounts at two levels; the free Standard Account, and the easier-to-use, fully functional Enterprise Account, which normally requires annual fees, based on transaction volume and dollar volume traded.

FMCNA assumes the cost of all supplier-related transaction fees, as we are is committed to the success of this initiative and is working hard to make the transition as painless as possible for suppliers. There are no fees for suppliers trading with FMCNA on an Ariba Network Enterprise account.


Purchase orders sent to you through Ariba Network must be invoiced through the Network as well. There are several methods that Ariba provides to accomplish this. The easiest is to create an invoice directly from the purchase order (PO flip). This method ensures that your invoice matches the purchase order directly, and speeds processing on the FMCNA side.

You will only be able to use Ariba Network for invoicing of purchase orders that are issued to you via Ariba Network directly. Your purchase order will begin with the number 36.

Once you are an enabled supplier trading with FMCNA on Ariba Network, any invoices submitted outside of the Network will be rejected. FMCNA does not permit non-P.O. invoices, nor invoices against purchase orders created outside Ariba Network, to be submitted electronically.

Any other invoices should be submitted to your FMCNA contact for processing directly.


As of July 1, 2019, all Fresenius Kidney Care locations in North America are transmitting purchase orders via Ariba Network.


FMCNA is using Ariba Network for the purchase of indirect goods and services only.

Our Global Manufacturing Quality Supply Chain (GMQS) will not use Ariba Network to transact with their direct material suppliers. If you are current GMQS supplier, you should follow the existing process with GMQS.


FMCNA expects that our valued suppliers will take all necessary steps to accept purchase orders and transmit invoices with us via Ariba Network.

Participation on Ariba Network is mandatory for all current and future indirect suppliers to continue doing business with FMCNA. FMCNA has a No P.O. No Pay Policy to ensure all transactions with relevant suppliers reference a valid FMCNA-issued P.O.

SAP Ariba Support


  • Contact Ariba Support through the support link of the Ariba Supplier Portal.
  • You can contact Ariba Support at any time. You don't need to be logged into your account.
  • You will need your ANID so that Support can identify your company.

FMCNA Support


For Requisition to Pay inquiries, reach out to our help desk at the number below:
(866) 576-8324


The Supplier Enablement team can be reached at:


We offer live meetings about transacting with Fresenius Medical Care North America using Ariba Network as well as YouTube videos on getting started.

We encourage all current and prospective suppliers to read our FAQ to find the answers they are looking for.