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Fluid Management Highlighting BCM and Crit-Line

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Meet Our Experts

Chief Medical Officer, Fresenius Kidney Care

Jeffrey Hymes is senior vice president for Fresenius Medical Care Clinical and Scientific Affairs and serves as chief medical officer for Fresenius Kidney Care and chairman of the Fresenius Kidney Care Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee. He is a graduate of Yale College and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, completed his medical internship and residency at Yale New Haven Medical Center, and did subspecialty training in nephrology at Boston University. Dr. Hymes is board certified in internal medicine, nephrology, and critical care. He co-founded REN Corporation in 1986 and National Nephrology Associates (NNA) in 1998, and served as NNA's president and chief medical officer from 1998 to 2004. 

Chief Clinical Officer, Fresenius Medical Care, Europe, Middle East, and Africa

Stefano Stuard supports the NephroCare medical leadership in his role as chief clinical officer for the EMEA region. He previously served as vice president and head of the EMEA Center of Excellence for Clinical and Therapeutic Governance, and continues as the operational medical counsel for the company's services business in EMEA. Dr. Stuard's distinguished career includes nearly a decade with Fresenius Medical Care in clinical governance roles for the company's EMEA and Latin America regions, and he has served as a consultant/director for nephrology and dialysis departments in Italian public and private hospitals. Dr. Stuard received his PhD in nephrology from the University of Bologna in Italy, and his doctor of medicine and surgery with a post-graduate diploma in nephrology from the University of Chieti.


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