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Food to Prevent and Treat Chronic Kidney Disease

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Meet Our Experts

Vice President, Kidney Disease Initiatives, Fresenius Medical Care

Nephrologist Dugan Maddux champions FMCNA's clinical innovation endeavors and is co-founder of the Gamewood companies, including Acumen Physician Solutions. Blogger, writer, and essayist, she developed the Nephrology Oral History project chronicling early dialysis pioneers. She holds her bachelor's degree in chemistry from Vanderbilt University and her doctor of medicine from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Chief Executive Officer, Community Servings

David Waters, an advocate for integrating medically tailored meals into the healthcare system, has formed partnerships with leading healthcare payors and providers to better link clinical care and social services, designing some of the country's first health insurance contracts for prescription meals. He is the former board chair of the Association of Nutrition Service Agencies and is a leading member of the national Food Is Medicine Coalition as well as the Root Cause Coalition. In recognition of his leadership at Community Servings and within the Greater Boston community, David was named a Barr Foundation Fellow in 2017. A resident of Cambridge, he holds graduate degrees from Middlebury College and Boston University.


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