Luca Neri, PhD
Director, Clinical and Data Intelligence Systems Advanced Analytics, Fresenius Medical Care Europe/Middle East/Africa

Luca Neri had led the Advanced Analytics Division at Fresenius Medical Care for the EMEA region since 2019. He joined Fresenius Medical Care as a medical data analyst in 2016. Dr. Neri has 15 years’ experience in epidemiology and outcomes research, and has acquired a broad range of analytical and methodological skills in the field of outcomes research and advanced analytics. Before joining Fresenius, he held a postdoctoral position at the St. Louis University Center for Outcomes Research and was later appointed adjunct instructor of health management and policy at the same institution. Before joining Fresenius Medical Care, he served as scientific consultant and advisory board member for several commercial, science, and industry clients and academic institutions. His research interest focused on the epidemiology and outcomes of chronic kidney disease and other chronic medical conditions. He earned his medical degree at the University of Milan School of Medicine, where he also earned a specialty degree and a PhD in environmental and occupational medicine.


Patient-Centered Vascular Access Care