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Home Dialysis Patient Achieves Dream of Becoming a Mother Through Foster Parenting

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As Mother’s Day approaches, we recognize the commitment of our patients like Maddie Becker to thrive on and inspire others to do the same.



Despite all her health challenges, Maddie still had that one big goal in mind: to become a mother. Pregnancy and childbirth are just too risky for Maddie, so she began exploring other options including adoption and surrogacy.

Maddie realized there would be challenges becoming a mother with a chronic illness, but she wouldn’t let her disease stop her stop her from living a fulfilling life and making an impact on young lives. In August 2016, Maddie, now 30, became a foster parent with her husband.

With lots of love in her heart, a spare bedroom and the convenience of receiving dialysis at home, Maddie cares for children in need. Maddie and her husband have hosted two children so far and eagerly wait by the phone for the next child they can welcome into their home.

Foster parenting has given Maddie hope, a reason to get out of bed each morning and a drive to stick to her dialysis regimen. She still dreams of becoming a full-time mom one day – either through adoption, or even naturally (if she is able to find a kidney donor).

“Most people don’t understand the impact kidney disease has on your life,” Maddie, said. “But foster parenting made at-home dialysis even easier and gave me a reason to live.”

Maddie encourages others – with or without kidney disease – to have a positive attitude and appreciate all the blessings of life, especially the gift of family.