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Former Body Builder Finds a New Way to Lift Up Community Following Kidney Failure Diagnosis

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With training and support from her care team at Fresenius Kidney Care, Susan underwent a 12-week training course, learning how to administer treatments to herself in the comfort of her home on her own schedule.

“When I talked to fellow dialysis patients, they had nothing but great things to say about home dialysis. I wanted to give it a shot,” Susan said.

“Susan tackles every new challenge with the mantra ‘You've got this, you can do it.’ When she first started home hemodialysis she would actually say this over and over to herself,” Fresenius Kidney Care Warwick Home Therapy Nurse Valerie Seyboth said. “This is how she has always handled situations in her life. It's not always easy, but she does it. Susan faces everything with a big bright smile on her face. The staff are all in awe of what she has accomplished. I know she inspires me every day.”

Susan hopes to one day receive a kidney transplant, but in the meantime, she’s continuing to live her passion, often walking the seawall with her clients who, now more than ever, are inspired by her incredible example.

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