Like Mother Like Daughter: Mother and daughter share a lifelong passion for caring for dialysis patients



Nephrology nurse Katrina Tamayo Guzman, RN, shares many interests with her mom, Delia, RN, BSN, a clinical manager at Fresenius Kidney Care in Elmhurst, Ill. They both like to binge watch television shows; they take group exercise classes; and neither of them are great at cooking. But most striking is their dedication to caring for people living with kidney disease who require dialysis to stay alive

Originally from the Philippines, Delia moved to the United States in the 1980s and began working with patients with kidney failure almost immediately. She has worked at Fresenius Kidney Care in Elmhurst for 35 years.

At a young age, Katrina recognized she, too, had a passion for caring for others. Following in her mother’s footsteps, she enrolled in nursing school. After graduating, she spent a year working in an intensive care unit before moving into nephrology nursing. For the past two years, Katrina has worked at Fresenius Kidney Care at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago.

Katrina and Delia epitomize the passion and commitment of nurses who work with dialysis patients at Fresenius Kidney Care, during Nephrology Nurses Week and throughout the year.

“I’m happy I’ve had such an influence on my daughter’s career by introducing her to the rewarding world of nephrology nursing,” Delia said. “We’ve both cared for patients with other diseases, but there’s just something special about kidney patients. You see them, day in day out – you see the difference you make in helping them regain quality of life. Every day that a patient is not sick is a good day. I’m proud that my daughter and I play important roles in our patients’ successes.”

If, like Katrina and Delia Tamayo, you are a talented clinician driven to provide compassionate care to patients and their families, visit to learn more about the career opportunities in your area.

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