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Patient Celebrates Four Decades Living – and Thriving – on Dialysis

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“I always walk into my center with a smile on my face,” Celia said. “My care team is wonderful, and I’m honored to be someone that other patients look up to.”

Recently, Celia’s center hosted a celebration honoring her four-decade long dialysis journey.

“I want people to know that I believe you can live at least 50 productive years on dialysis as long as you educate yourself, understand your blood tests, maintain a strict diet and have a positive attitude,” Celia said.

In her free time, Celia enjoys playing bridge, going to lunch with friends and spending time with her daughter.

“My mom has beat the odds and then some,” said Celia’s daughter, Caryn Schultz. “Every day I have with her is a blessing, especially since I didn’t think she’d make it past my 10th birthday.”